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  • Rare Agatized Dinosaur Bone Cabochon
  • Handcrafted Marty Vickery
  • Assortment of natural beads
  • Length: 19″ end to end


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As time passes the bones of prehistoric animals fossilize.  The fossilized bones are quite common and are uncovered during various excavations.  Less common is when these fossilized bones become “agatized”.  Agatized dinosaur bones are rare.  Agatized fossils occur when the original fossilized bone has been re-mineralized with various minerals such as agate, opal, jasper and others.  The cell structure becomes filled with these minerals.  When polished the agatized fossil reveals a beautiful and intricate design with stunning colorization.

This handcrafted by Marty Vickery necklace features a beautiful and rare agatized dinosaur bone cabochon attached to a hand textured and formed copper pendant.  The beads surrounding the fossil are obsidian (volcanic glass) and sandalwood.  The remining beads are glossed wood.

Length is 19″ from end to end


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Weight 7 oz


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