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  • Natural Genuine Emeralds
  • Sterling Silver


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Deep within the Earth at temperatures reaching upwards of 950 degrees Fahrenheit and pressure up to 1400 kilobars a green stone famous around the world forms.  The emerald does not form in tidy and sterile conditions, but rather one that is acidic and silicon rich.

The first mention of the Emerald is found in ancient Sanskrit. 

मरग्दम् Transliterated is Marakata and simply means “Green”.  Valued for its deep, rich, and varied hues of Green the Emerald is one of the most valuable gemstones in the world.  Beloved by Kings and Queens its has forever solidified its prominence in high end gems. 

These handcrafted earrings feature two natural dark green Emerald.  This is how Emerald is found within the Earth before man polishes and cuts the stone, transforming it into a faceted setting.  

Set in Sterling Silver these earrings are the perfect accessory of evening wear or everyday attire.  They are certain to be the conversation piece and the Emerald has a rich story to tell.  

Handcrafted by Marty Vickery at Stones & Fire

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