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Shungite Pyramid

  • 100% Authentic Shungite
  • From Karelia Russia
  • 50mm Pyramid
  • 98% Carbon Weight


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50mm 100% Authentic Shungite Pyramid.  Shungite is a beautiful mineral from Russia, specifically the Shunga Village in the Karelia area.  It is 98% carbon weight.  It was used by Peter the Great and has many traditional folk uses in Russia.  At one point in history it was used by the Russian Army to purify their water.

We test each of our Shungite specimens with Digital Multimeters to insure that they pass a resistance and continuity test.  This ensure the authenticity of the Shungite.  Fake Shungite will never pass these tests.

This Shungite Pyramid specimen is unpolished and it is completely normal, and further confirms authenticity, for it to leave black smudge marks on your hands when handling.  Unpolished Shungite that does not leave black smudges when handling is more than likely not authentic.

Shungite is great placed near computers and other electronics as it is traditionally used to absorb energy.

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Weight 4 oz


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